A native of Hyderabad, Gautami Reddy followed the path heavily tread and found herself as an engineer, an entrepreneur and firmly ensconced in the IT sector.

Fast forward a couple of years and a chubby cheeked baby later she decided that the moments she missed out on capturing her son’s infancy on film, would not happen for other young moms and dads if she could help it! And Gautami Reddy Photography was born.

Taking baby steps, while she got the hang of dealing with the wee little babies and their often anxious (and curious) parents, Gautami has become one of the most sought-after infant and baby photographers in the city. Not a mean feat when you consider she that she did a 360 degree turn on the career front, juggled a home, the growing needs of a little boy and constantly strives to keep herself up to date on the new things on the photography horizon.

Little wonder her images show her love of not just babies but the joy she feels looking through the lens of her camera.