How about a reality check, this weekend?

An FB event invite from a good friend made me curious… and here I was entering, the not so advertised, Seva Mela 2014 at HITEX, Novotel… thinking who would be actually coming to a “Seva Mela”? The ambience was a grounded one, friendly, realistic. It was a pleasant surprise for the shopoholic in me, to see some rich hand made home decor, organic food, cotton kurtas, accessories, creative toys etc. I neither could resist the organic food, nor stop myself from some retail therapy. The non profit initiatives were predominantly on much neededEducation and Girl Child empowerment. While there were other thought provoking unique initiatives, like Samskriti abhiyan, Save the Rocks, Pratyek, Isha Foundation, Road safety etc.IMG_8443



I could just feel the synergy, willingness and goodness in people trying to create awareness about an initiative. The tools needed to create a better society are just a call away. A quick one hour visit, undoubtedly wins over a weekend trip to a mall… a break from a lifestyle tailored around comfort zones… a reality check.

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